Creative Kids Growth Charts

When Bug was a few months old, my mom told me we treated her like a second child, even though she was our first. We didn't take enough baby pictures, we didn't keep a baby book, we didn't preserve enough memories. Talk about a guilt trip!

There are countless kids growth charts out there. My favorites don't just keep track of the basics, but also incorporate fun ways to preserve family memories.

Shoes Growth Chart: I love the idea of putting my kids favorite shoes from each milestone age into a shadowbox. I look back at the shoes I've kept... I remember tiny newborn feet kept warm in fuzzy socks, first steps in blue and white striped shoes, and the sneakers that had to be worn every single day (and replaced when outgrown). What a fantastic way to watch little feet grow!

First year frames: There are so many ways to take monthly baby pictures during the first year! Close-ups of the face, sitting in the same place to watch them grow, wearing a favorite outfit. I took month by month baby pictures of both my kids, and am so glad I did. Someday I'll actually get the photos framed and on the wall.

Framed Hand Prints: Not only does this show-off how tiny those hands once were, you can make new ones as your family grows. How cute would they be hung on the wall in a row?

Photograph jewelry: Lockets are a classic and beautiful way to keep a picture of your baby close to your heart. I would love a vintage locket to hold photos of my kids. If any of you feel like dropping a hint to my husband, I'd be forever grateful.

Did I miss any of your favorites?



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